Skype Lessons: Move Your Songwriting from
Average to Great

Are you interested in one-on-one Skype sessions hosted by myself weekly? We will go over the work you have done to move your songwriting from just average to great. Your sessions will not only help you with the practical aspects of songwriting but also give you a framework in which to motivate yourself to get to the ‘finish line’.

Your Skype lessons are based on the songwriting approach created by a gentleman called Wayne Chase as presented in his book ‘How Music Really Works’. It is recommended that you pick up a copy of my eBook Learn How to Write Lyrics Like the Legends before lessons. They aim to help you to write great songs — songs that will stand the test of time and if published, not just pop up for a few weeks or months and then disappear forever.

About Skype Lessons

Skype is a great platform for communicating. It’s free and it even allows file sharing and video if needed. The course I am offering includes 10 half-hour sessions (a 10 week course) where we will go over provided material each week and work on specific song(s) you would like to improve. In addition to Skype sessions, I will spend at least 30 minutes a week working on your material. An e-workbook will be provided to you as a guide.

I recommend a short Skype call to chat a bit before you make a commitment. I think it’s important for both of us to know that we’re on the same track, and will enjoy working together.

Get Started Today

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