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front cover lyrics like the legendsOne of the problems of learning the craft of lyric writing today is that creative input is often too subjective. You may hear comments like ‘I’m not ‘feeling your lyrics’. This really isn’t very helpful when it comes to helping you to improve them.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could learn your craft using a method that was more objective? I mean, how did the great songwriters like Oscar Hammerstein, Dylan, and Lennon-McCartney create their song? Are there principles that could be drawn from them to help you today? The answer is yes. That is the basis of this course.

Who Should Use This Book

This book is for you if you are a beginner to intermediate songwriter who wants to learn how to improve your craft, or a more advanced songwriter who wants to pick up many useful tips and guidelines to improve your writing.

My aim is to help you make your lyrics stand out from the crowd — not hit song lyrics that may be hot for a few weeks or months and then disappear into oblivion. I want to help you to write great lyrics in the style of the legends that will be popular, but as important, endure the test of time.

Format for the eBook

Learn How to Write Lyrics Like the Legends takes a workbook type of approach that I believe is less common when it comes to books on lyric writing, and more helpful. Starting at the top, we will look at a lyric I have written. As you work through the book you will discover important principles used by the greats. I will apply them to the lyric so you can have a practical example of how the lyric is improved with the application of these principles. As you apply these proven principles to your own writing, your lyrics will improve dramatically.

Some of the Benefits of Purchasing the eBook

  • Forgotten principles gleaned from the legends of songwriting
  • Step-by-step instruction with examples on how to apply these principles
  • Two worksheets to guide you through the writing and editing process

Learn to Write Lyrics Like the Legends is no-fluff, and full of valuable information that many songwriters are unaware of. In some cases, these principles have been forgotten. Now you have the opportunity to learn them, and super-charge your lyric writing. Why not get started today? The eBook costs only $17. I promise, it will be worth may times more than that to you. 


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